Inground Swimming Pools

Inground Swimming Pool Project As a kid growing up I always dreamed of owning an inground swimming pool. I grew up with an above ground pool that was great fun, but not nearly as awesome as an inground pool. After recently completing our own inground pool in our backyard I wanted to share my thoughts…

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Outdoor Fire Pit and Patio

Backyard Patio with Fire Pit and Sitting Wall Outdoor living has become an increasingly popular topic for many homeowners looking to expand and upgrade their yards. One of the most popular projects in the outdoor living arena is an outdoor fire pit and patio. An outdoor fire pit can create a central gathering place for…

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WoodTrac Ceiling System Review

WoodTrac Ceiling System I’m a huge proponent of using suspended ceilings (drop ceilings, acoustic tile ceilings) for finished basements because they allow easy access to electrical, plumbing and heating utilities that are typically suspended from the floor framing above.? Lots of my customers cringe when I make this suggestion because they don’t like the appearance…

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How To Make a Tablesaw Crosscut Sled

Precision Tablesaw Crosscut Sled A precision tablesaw crosscut sled is one of the best workshop jigs you can make for woodworking projects. I’ve been putting this project off for such a long time and finally it made it to my priority list. I’ve got a really fun chess board project coming up and this will…

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Build A Shed Series Part 1 | Planning The Build

Build A Shed Series Part 1 | Planning The?Build In this part of the country spring is right around the corner and that means it’s time to start thinking about and planning this years outdoor projects. If one of the items on your list is to build a shed than you’re in the right place.…

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